Where does moderation live?

date 02/09/2018

We have a culture in the UK around diet that says “everything in moderation” and while that might be true on some level it’s out of context because, moderation means different things to different people. In an era where by we are seeing increasing levels of obesity and chronic lifestyle diseases how can we deem what’s moderate and what’s not?

In my client work I hear it regularly…”everything in moderation” and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable inside when that person is sat before me overweight, on multiple medications and experiencing chronically low levels of energy. At what point do we see for ourselves that statement is an excuse, a get out of jail card to eat what we want when we want it?!

For me in the work I do I strive to help people come to their own realisation that what they are eating isn’t making them feel good. I can usually see it from a holistic perspective but until they are ready to own their behaviour themselves then they are unlikely to be able to change their approach. This is why the commonly known slimming clubs work really well because it keeps the participants hooked into something that never really addresses the root issues of why someone is overweight. It’s focusses on calorie counting or food shaming which is not a long term approach to a positive outcome. The participants will become lifelong members because they haven’t been empowered to take control of their own health in a way that allows them to tune into what’s moderate or not for them.

The human body is a phenomenal machine to the point whereby the biological processes that occur because of the diet and lifestyle choices an individual makes will determine whether they are overweight or not. Fat is the body’s way of protecting itself and is a sign of chronic inflammation so what this means is that if a person is overweight it’s so so much more than just the calories they are consuming. There’s much more context required to paint the full picture and the current messages peddled in the public arena out about food just do not help.

Something to consider: the next time you choose something that you know is less than nutritious can you give yourself permission to actually enjoy it for what it is and let yourself off the hook about it being moderate, a treat, cheat day, naughty or bad?

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