Wrestling with willpower won't make you slim

date 29/09/2018

Let me tell you a little blood sugar story.

Rushed my breakfast this morning because I was running late for an appointment so had some granola and almond milk....heathy right? I’ll come back to that in a sec. 

2.5hrs later exit the hairdressers feeling hungry and tired. “Nip” to the supermarket for a few bits...there is no “nipping” possible on a Saturday in said supermarket. Could have committed a murder. Forgot one item, cut up confectionery isle to bypass the slow folk and then it happened....the bounty bar actually winked at me from the bottom shelf so much so I double backed to pick it up. 

I tell you this story because I know exactly what has occurred here and I want to show you that sometimes it’s not you that’s in control of the chocolate cravings (it’s also not the chocolate speaking to you, that’s just your crazy imagination) it’s probably because like me you’ve let your blood sugar swing way too low to the point where one wrong look from a fellow shopper might end in them being stuffed into the freezer drawer. 

Back to my granola. It’s pure carbohydrates plus most likely some form of sugar on it too. The carbs on their own without any form of fat or protein sent my blood sugar soaring and because I then didn’t eat again quickly enough it crashed but it crashed way way below what’s healthy. My brain was craving sugar from a quick burning source, hence the bounty bar.

So, next time you try to outwit your body by using the force ie sheer willpower consider that if you’ve started your day with a sky high blood sugar level from your Frosties cereal and milk that by mid morning you will firmly not be in control of the food decisions you make for the rest of the day. You’ll find your hand in the biscuit tin or your face in the fridge wondering what it’s all about. 

How to break the blood sugar rollercoaster:

  • Eat healthy fats with each meal and make sure you have a source of protein too
  • Keep your carbs the complex ones like oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes etc and combine with the above
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