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Healthy Living Templates, Packages and Healthy Lifestyle Plans

What to expect

My bespoke programmes are carried out online or over the phone. Each programme includes the following:

  • Health history review and assessment
  • Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your goals
  • Menu plans that include delicious foods and that work for you
  • Therapeutic supplement recommendations (supplements charged separately)
  • Functional testing recommendations (testing charged separately)
  • Resources you can call upon to support your journey
  • Ongoing coaching and support (depending on package)


STEP 1: Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Lifestyle Audit call. You can book that right here or click the "book your call" button below.

STEP 2: You will receive a form electronically which will give me some key information about you and your aims ahead of our call.

STEP 3: When we have our scheduled call, we will have a valuable discussion to ensure we are the perfect fit to work together.

STEP 4:  If at this point if you have decided to commit to working together I will explain the next steps. If you decide not to work with me or we are not a fit I will be happy to signpost you to other resources. 

Take the first step by clicking the book your call button below for a no-obligation Lifestyle Audit call to discuss how a renewed lifestyle strategy will help you get your mojo back. 




What is a healthy lifestyle and what are the benefits?

The way you feel is all relative to the choices you make. The things you eat, the number of hours you work, the exercise you do, your social life; all have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Working to improve your choices can completely transform your confidence, energy levels and all-around quality of life.

Healthy Eating

Foods that are high in damaged fats, sugar and refined carbohydrates are a recipe for low quality energy output and crashes. A poor diet can make you feel groggy, sapped of energy and just plain miserable.

Physical Activity

It is recommended that you exercise for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, to keep your body healthy. Exercise can ward off problematic conditions like heart disease, increase lung capacity and energy levels. Exercise releases endorphins, which help relieve pain, tension and stress. Physical activity is an essential component of mental wellbeing.

Mindset and Mental Wellbeing

Taking time for yourself is absolutely crucial in building a healthy lifestyle. Choosing to put yourself first every once in a while can be a revolutionary act and can charge you up to reach your potential in other areas of your life. Spending time with friends, taking time to practice a skill or hobby, or just having alone time is absolutely paramount to your health.

How can a healthy living plan help you? 

My plans are not simple healthy living templates. They are bespoke programmes that address all of these aspects to help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

It can be extremely difficult to manage every element of what staying healthy today really means. Beyond healthy food and exercise, it means looking after your emotional as well as your physical wellbeing. We know that your mind and your body are inextricably linked, and managing a stress mindset has become increasingly important in today’s world.

Your programme allows me to share some of the responsibility of managing your healthy lifestyle, taking the stress out of the planning and permitting you to thrive.

Meal Planning

Depending on your own personal objectives, I curate a healthy eating plan for you, bursting with delicious and nutritious food. If it’s your goal to lose weight, we can focus on specific food groups that aid fat burning. If you want to maintain a healthy weight or cut out sugar, your plan will look a bit different. I work to whatever requirements you set. I use these meal plans to address other issues in your life, such as poor sleep, hormonal imbalance and fatigue. 

Lifestyle/Exercise Planning 

If your primary goal is weight loss or stress relief, I can advise you on activities that can help get your heart rate pumping.

Coaching and Support

I can help you build a positive mindset that allows you access to your calmer and more authentic self with holistic support.

Why use a professional health coach?

Not only is it invaluable to have a plan that is tailored to you, but having a nutritionist can actually help free you from the burgeoning responsibility we put on ourselves to manage a healthy lifestyle. 

If you’re already burned out, it’s helpful to have someone on your side pointing you in the right direction, and that’s exactly where I come in. Having a comprehensive plan helps ease the pressure on you to manage your habits alone.

Lifestyle Audit

During your initial assessment, I will ask you several questions about your long term goals, eating habits, and other inquiries relating to your health (such as blood pressure).

  • What is it that you’d like to change? How would you like to feel?
  • Are you feeling positive? Do you compare yourself to others?
  • How are your stress levels?
  • How do you sleep?
  • What is your work schedule like?
  • What are your eating habits? Do you snack?
  • How much physical activity do you do?

I always use an individualised approach in my work with clients, so no matter your circumstances and requirements, we can work together to create plans that work for you.

Ignite Quick Start Report


Ready to embark on your wellness journey but not sure where to begin? My Ignite Report package allows you to take stock of your current lifestyle with guidance and advice from a professional health and wellness coach.

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Revive 14 day Cleanse


Are you always tired especially first thing in the morning, need caffeine to get going and drink alcohol to wind down in the evening? Do you have recurring food Intolerances but can’t identify what? Do you feel dull, heavy, and sluggish, puffy and bloated? All of these are signs of a sluggish liver that’s struggling to detoxify efficiently and needs a little help.

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Renew 12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme


Your new healthy habits are just a phone call or email away. Contact me today for an initial consultation for this bespoke 12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme conducted with a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach. 

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Transform 24-week Nutritional Coaching Programme


This 24-week programme is for anyone who is ready for a big overhaul in their lives. For women who want the edge, who want to create radical health changes and transform themselves from the inside out. Perhaps you’re tired of feeling tired, flat, and low, and are ready to try something entirely new. 

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