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date 07/02/2019

Taking proactive measures when it comes to making changes in our lives can be a daunting prospect. I’ve been there, I know how it feels to open up about what’s keeping me stuck and feeling unwell and lacking vitality in my life.

Over the years I have been in clinical practice I have come to recognise that most clients intuitively know what action to take to get their health on track however, formulating that knowing into practical, actionable steps seems to trip them up at the first hurdle.  Using a unique methodology based on the principles of coaching helps me to get to the root of what’s blocking a client from taking action. This approach guides the client towards their own realisation of what’s stopping them from achieving the vision of themselves they hold in their mind. So, it’s not me as a Therapist telling the client what to do but more that I follow their lead and help to pull out of them what they already know and how to achieve it.

Sometimes I might share practicalities of improving wellness which I draw on from my training but mostly it comes from the countless experiments I’ve trialled with my own health. I see myself as my own client. I love finding new recipes that taste amazing that don’t contain any nasties which the shop bought convenience foods often do contain. I particularly enjoy when I get feedback from clients when they tell me they tried a new recipe and that they were surprised how easy it was to make and that their kids loved it. 

I’m passionate about showing people just how easy and fun eating well actually is. Eating tasty food doesn’t always mean complicated ingredients that are hard to find. Often it’s more about the surprising combination of foods that can make a new meal enjoyable. Once you’ve got a few easy go-to recipes under your belt it forms a strong foundation to build on.

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Up until the last 12 months or so my partner and I used to eat out more than twice a week. We regularly felt disapointed with poor menu options and below par quality meals. I was also horrified to learn just how much money we were spending eating out so we invested in some cook books and set about experimenting with new meals. I say "we" but it's really my partner Dave that's taken to the cooking in our house. He started out making some meals to build his confidence up and now can count more than 100 different meals that he's made for us. He still follows the recipe in the book but has definitly increased his confidence in the kitchen and serioulsy improved our health and budget in the process. 

So, my question to you is what’s holding you back from feeling as well as you deserve to feel? I'd love to hear from you if you've been thinking this is the year you'd like to feel improved wellness.

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A calm and tranquil space is here for you when you’re ready to take the next step…..



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