Welcome to my new website

date 18/10/2018

In a lot of ways my Nutrition Practice has been an evolution of me and my personal journey. I started out with a basic wordpress site that I built myself while working with clients before I graduated. Almost 4 years later I'm still growing and learning more about the impact of preventative medicine and how diet and life style interventions play a huge role in this. It's taken me this long to be able to articulate myself when I'm asked the question of what I do for a living and so I wanted to take time to write the copy that reflects this message. I view my website as a place to share information to the outside world and to give context to how powerful this stuff is. I wanted a website that reflects me and my personality but also something that will stand the test of time and grow with me. I feel I've got just that and I'm really excited to have reached this point in my journey. 

The website isn't a done deal, I'm still adding and tweaking content as I go. Over the coming weeks I will be adding loads more recipes, blogs and case studies so keep a look out for those. 

I have the beautiful Kinross countryside on my doorstep so writing blogs, creating new recipes and seeing clients from home is so much fun. I'm very fortunate to live in such inspiring surroundings. 


Have a a read, see what you think. I'd love your feedback!

Love and Light



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