Complete Clarity Package £960

Simplicity creates Clarity

The Complete Clarity package is more than just diet and lifestyle, it’s designed to give you a clear overview of your entire life because life is usually focussed on more than just diet and lifestyle. The multiple areas and responsibilities of life overlap and intertwine more than we care to notice. It stands to reason that often when we are experiencing health challenges or significant stressful situations that there is usually an underlying force driving these symptoms and situations to the surface. The beauty of this process is that symptoms are the body’s intelligent way of catching your attention that something is out of balance in your life. The Complete Clarity package invites you on a journey of simplicity in all areas of your life. There’s a you on the other side that is resilient and empowered in a simple and graceful way.

This unique oppertunity contains all the benfits of the Optimal Wellness package plus much more 1:1 time with Genna:

  • Pantry/fridge review and shopping list creation– a complete inventory taken of the food in your home, education and support on what’s optimal and what’s not. 
  • Supermarket shopping trip– Learn where to find the “food” in your local supermarket. Following your pantry review buy the items from your newly created shopping list 
  • 7 day meal planning – help to create a bespoke meal planner that fits your budget and lifestyle
  • Optimal eating while travelling– learn how to eat in balanced way while travelling for work or leisure OR Optimal eating at work-ideas for lunch and snacks at work 
  • TESTING: Mineral level analysis or Intolerance testing – specific testing to help ascertain possible root causes of symptoms
  • Productivity review – assess the areas of your life where you’re leaking energy and learn how to implement life long changes 
  • Body alignment review – understand why you have pain in your body and learn how to reduce it
  • FREE 1 hour kitchen table workshop with up to 6 of your friends/family

*Supplements not included

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