New Beginnings Package

Create your new beginning. Clean slate, fresh start, let’s go!

Are you tired of always feeling sick and tired? You’ve tried every diet known to man and yet you still don’t achieve the results you hoped for. Research shows that 95% of people on diets will gain back the weight they’ve lost plus some extra within 5 years. All that hard work for nothing! What if there was a way you could change how you feel about food, not have to calorie count or restrict and deny yourself beautiful tasting food. What if this way of eating meant you could throw perfectionism out the window or that you didn’t have to live with the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS or take medication for diabetes and high cholesterol....the list is endless. Would that be appealing? 

The New Beginnings package is designed just for you. It’s set out over 12 weeks with you at the heart of it. Your unique set of life experiences helps to shape the following 12 weeks of your life. It sets you up with a strong foundation so that you understand what areas of your diet and lifestyle are holding you back from experiencing optimal levels of wellness. 

This is a foundational approach to wellness. 

•    1 x wellness review - full review, research and analysis of your medical history, medication and current diet. 
•    2 x follow up sessions- scheduled time to keep you on track moving towards your goals (either in person or phone/zoom)
•    Bespoke wellness programme- leave each session with a nutrition programme and supporting handouts tailored to your specific needs. 
•    Bespoke supplement plan* (if required)- carefully selected supplements to support you toward optimal wellness. 

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