Optimal Wellness 3 Month Coaching Programme

Implementing any changes in life takes time and commitment. Often the steps are seemingly small and simple but making change in a 21st century life can be extremely challenging. The most difficult aspect isn’t just the “what” but the “how.”

I know from working with many clients that having a professional at the end of the phone to help you navigate the challenges when life gets overwhelming is powerful, in keeping you on track towards your wellness goals, delivering lasting, sustainable change. In this bespoke programme we navigate the “what” and “how” so that you feel empowered to make changes from a strong and resilient perspective. 

The Optimal Wellness programme is specifically designed to help you firmly imbed your new perspective on wellness, taking you to a place where you can experience optimal wellness well into the future. 


This 3 month programme is for women with ongoing health concerns, taking medication or a history of yo-yo dieting and quick-fix diets, who require longer term 1:1 coaching and accountability to achieve their wellness goals. 


The Optimal Wellness program includes:

  • Initial 1:1 consultation (60 – 90 mins) comprehensive assessment of your medical history, medication, diet and lifestyle. 
  • Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan –actionable aims tailored to your longer term goals incorporating key lifestyle strategies. 
  • Weekly check-in coaching calls (30 mins) - scheduled weekly coaching calls with me to review your food diary and daily commitments, keeping you on track moving towards your goals. 
  • Bespoke therapeutic supplement recommendations* (if required)- carefully selected supplements to support you toward optimal wellness. 
  • Functional testing recommendations* (if required) comprehensive practitioner level testing to investigate and asses underlying nutritional imbalances. 
  • Follow up sessions (45mins) – full review of your progress with further recommendations for next steps. 
  • Handouts and helpful resources – information for you to access and refer back to for inspiration and information. 

*supplements and testing charged separately. 


The next part is super easy.

Schedule a complimentary call so we can have a quick chat about your goals and I can explain the next steps. You can book this by clicking the "book your call" button below.

You + bespoke diet and lifestyle tools + coaching = Optimal Wellness


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