Renew 12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme

Renew: Support from a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach

12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme

Renew 12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme

In today’s world, implementing lasting new habits takes time and commitment. When you’re juggling work, relationships, family, money, health - the list goes on - pausing to consider your own nutritional wellness can seem impossible. Even if the steps are small and simple, the 21st-century lifestyle can stand in the way of making significant change.

Managing your own well-being may well have become just another weight on your mind. You might find yourself asking not only 'what' but 'how'?

If this sounds familiar, my Renew programme is for you.

Difficult Roads 12-week Nutritional Coaching ProgrammeDedicated support from a professional health and wellbeing coach

My Renew programme takes the pressure off by sharing the responsibility of your health and wellness with you. I provide you with holistic health coaching that is personal to your circumstances and your aims. Having worked as a nutritional and wellness professional for many years, I have the health coaching skills to support you through the peaks and pitfalls of transforming your habits.

By providing you with personalised care, I’ll help you to become unstuck whilst taking your particular circumstances into account. I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach - every person is unique and requires different support.

When life gets overwhelming, it helps to have a professional who is invested in your journey at the end of the phone. I’ll keep you on track towards your wellness goals, delivering lasting, sustainable change. From there, I have the coaching skills to help you maintain those changes until they become second nature to you.

 Collaboration makes for lasting change

The real aim of this programme is to not simply dictate to you what you ‘should’ be doing but to create a foundation of supported self-management. We’ll work as part of a team to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence around your wellness and nutrition. This helps us to create new patterns that feel natural and right to you.

My programmes are designed to form new habits, which in turn creates new neurological pathways, making your nutritional goals easily attainable and permanent. In this bespoke programme, we navigate the 'what' and 'how' so that you feel empowered to make changes from this strong and resilient perspective. 


Personal Growth 12-week Nutritional Coaching Programme

Who is this programme for?

My Renew programme is for anyone and everyone who is looking to make a significant difference in their quality of life. Perhaps you want to make some nutritional and lifestyle changes but don’t know where to begin. You might have a notion that you could benefit from a more holistic approach rather than a traditional dieting structure.

If you’re overwhelmed and oversaturated, my Renew programme will help you to hold yourself accountable with weekly touchpoints. You might have tried some dieting in the past but have found yourself in need of more support and guidance to stick to it. These regular meetings provide you with the motivation to maintain your efforts towards your goals. 

This programme works well for women with complex long term health issues, which may include medication or a history of yo-yo and quick-fix diets. If you’re taking different medications, I help you make strategic and safe supplement choices.

If we’ve worked together in the past and you want to review your original nutrition plan and need some help to refocus, we’ll use this programme to renew your initial wellness goals to help set you up for long term success. 

What’s included?

The Renew 12-week program includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment, research and analysis of your medical history, medication, diet and lifestyle.
  • Together, based on your health history, goals and my recommendations, we will formulate a plan that includes actionable aims and tasty meals suggestions. 
  • Scheduled weekly coaching calls with me to review your food diary and daily commitments, keeping you on track and moving towards your goals.
  • Carefully selected practitioner-grade supplements to support you toward optimal wellness * (if required)
  • Comprehensive practitioner level testing to investigate and assess underlying nutritional imbalances  * (if required)
  • Full review at weeks 6 and 12 of your programme to check in on your progress, complete with further recommendations and next steps.
  • Information for you to access and refer to for inspiration.

*supplements and testing charged separately. 

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