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Are you tired of always feeling sick and tired? Constantly scared to go out and eat away from your home, having to cancel plans and miss family events? Often in pain, stuck in bed, unable to have a fulfilling relationship, unable to perform at your best in your job? I get it. You’ve tried everything and nobody understands. You may even have been told to just "live with it!”

I know how it feels to wake up exhausted, confused about food and not know where to turn for answers. As a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach I specialise in supporting women over 40 living with limiting digestive issues, juggling multiple responsibilities who have lost their joy for life, to reclaim their freedom, spark and energy.

You don’t need another miracle product you know doesn’t work.

You need an approach and plan tailor made to you – unique to your life, taking into account your family environment, daily responsibilities and preferences.

A simple plan that holds you accountable and supports you to move forward in your health and wellness. 

What to expect

My bespoke 1, 3 and 6 month programmes start from £395 and are carried out online or over the phone, including the following:

  • Health History review & Assessment
  • Bespoke nutrition & lifestyle plan based on your goals
  • Menu plans that include delicious foods that works for you
  • Therapeutic supplement recommendations (supplements charged separately)
  • Functional testing recommendations (testing charged separately)
  • Resources you can call upon to support your journey
  • Ongoing coaching & support (depending on package)


STEP 1: Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Digestive wellness call. You can book that right here or click the "book your call" button below.

STEP 2: You will receive a form electronically which will give me some key information about you and your aims ahead of our call.

STEP 3: When we have our scheduled call, we will have a valuable discussion to ensure we are the perfect fit to work together.

STEP 4:  If at this point if you have decided to commit to working together I will explain the next steps. If you decide not to work with me or we are not a fit I will be happy to signpost you to other resources. 

Take the first step by clicking the book your call button below for a no obligation Digestive Wellness call to discuss how you can begin to reclaim your freedom and get your life back!  


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New Beginnings 1 Month quick-start Plan


A 4 week quick-start plan, providing guidance to help you navigate the conflicting information online, enabling you to get back on track and maintain focus. 

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Optimal Wellness 3 Month Coaching Programme


This 3 month programme is for women with ongoing health concerns, taking medication or a history of yo-yo dieting and quick-fix diets, who require longer term 1:1 coaching and accountability to achieve their wellness goals. 

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Complete Clarity 6 Month Coaching Programme


For women who want to reclaim their freedom, create radical health change and transform their entire life from the inside out, rediscovering a powerful way of living well into the future. 

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