Let's Work Together Towards A Healthy Active Lifestyle

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? 

You’re not alone and it’s the number one problem that my clients come to me with. They’re confused and don’t know where to start to unpick their health concerns. 

They’ve read books and articles and listened to podcasts and ended up even more confused than when they started out.

The problem is that most of the information is delivered in soundbites that lack context and when you're tired and your head is already full of information, it’s just one more thing that you need to work out what to do with.  

Most of us know what we want to change but moving from knowing to doing can be a big leap when we’ve limited time and energy on our hands. 

I can solve that problem for you.

I take all the research, years of clinical experience, real world implementation with clients and my own experience of making lifestyle changes and put it all together for you in a simple manner so you can actually implement it with ease. 

Every client is different. Different needs, different diets, different lifestyles. The beauty of personalised wellness coaching is that it’s bespoke to you and your needs minus the parts that I know from experience do not work. 

You save valuable time for the areas of your life that are dedicated to your impact. 


Why use a professional health coach?

Not only is it invaluable to have a plan that is tailored to you, but working with a coach can actually help free you from the burgeoning responsibility we put on ourselves to work it all out ourselves. 

If you’re already feeling burned out, it’s helpful to have someone on your side pointing you in the right direction, and that’s exactly where I come in. Having a comprehensive plan helps ease the pressure on you to manage your habits alone.

What to expect

My bespoke programmes are carried out online in the comfort of your own space.

Each programme comes with everything you need to set you up for wellness success.

You can ask me all your questions on a complimentary Lifestyle Audit call by following the details below. 


Let's keep it simple - I'll call you!

  • Select a date and time that suits you for your Lifestyle Audit. You can book that by clicking the "book your call" button below.
  • You can relax, put the kettle on and look forward to a good chat over a cuppa about what you would like to achieve and how I can help you.
  • There's no pressure at all and if you decide to hold off for now for whatever reason then I can signpost you to other resources.

Sometimes people feel anxious ahead of the call and worry they will be judged on their current diet and lifestyle. This is normal. Rest assured I am not here to judge anyone - I love meeting and talking to new people and only ever want to help. Not judge. That's not helpful to anyone and it doesn't feel good for me either. 

I can't wait to meet you! Select a date that suits you and we'll chat more about how a renewed lifestyle strategy will help you get your mojo back. 



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Revitalise Your Life in 12 weeks


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Transform Private Coaching


This advanced 24-week programme is for anyone who is ready for a big overhaul in their lives. For women who want the edge, who want to create radical health changes and transform themselves from the inside out. Perhaps you’re tired of feeling tired, flat, and low, and are ready to try something entirely new. 

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