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Transform: Bespoke care from a nutrition & lifestyle coach


Live Well: 24 week Nutritional Coaching Programme

The Transform 24-week programme involves more than just small diet and lifestyle tweaks. It’s for women who are ready to transform their entire lives.

Does something feel off?

The multiple areas and responsibilities of life overlap and intertwine more than we care to notice. Often when we experience health challenges or significant stressful situations, there are underlying forces driving these situations to the surface. It might not be immediately obvious what is causing the difficulty, but we know it’s there.

The beauty of this process is that symptoms are the body’s intelligent way of communicating that something is out of balance in your life. With my 24-week Transform programme, we identify, challenge and restore your equilibrium together.

There’s a you on the other side that’s resilient, empowered and calm; let me help you find them.

Turning Point: 24 week Nutritional Coaching Programme A full and thorough lifestyle audit

They say knowledge is power, and it’s also the key to making lasting lifestyle changes. In order to provide you with personalised care, I will first gather data and assess the current situation. Your concerns will be fully listened to and addressed. Using the data, I’ll draw conclusions about what is off balance in your life and why.

I will then work with you to verify these existing issues and encourage proactive change with bespoke planning, advice, and health coaching. We’ll work as part of a team to tackle the limiting, damaging habits and thought processes you may have picked up on. From there, we’ll strip out those aspects and replace them with strong, healthy boundaries.

Trusting and developing your intuition

As children, we rely on our intuition to survive. Our only job is to feel how our body feels and then give it what it needs. It’s only when we grow older that things become confusing, conflicting and complicated. In many ways, the Transform programme aims to restore your mindset and your intuition back to that default. 

However, with the stresses and pressures of modern life, it can feel impossible to strip back to basics. I’m here to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to listen to yourself again, inviting you on a journey of simplicity in all areas of your life.

Hands-on support

I’ll keep you motivated and accountable with hands-on support. Not only will you have my health coaching skills at your disposal, but I will conduct a pantry review, create a bespoke shopping list for you and we will even take a trip to the supermarket together. Whatever challenges or stresses you’re facing, you’re invited to communicate with me so we can overcome them together.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for women who want the edge. Who want to create radical health changes and transform themselves from the inside out. Perhaps you’re tired of feeling tired, flat, and low, and are ready to try something entirely new in all areas of your life. 

Personal drive and commitment are key entry criteria for this programme.

"I’ve been working with Genna for well over a year and she’s been game changing to my health and mindset. A true expert in her field. Every female leader needs Genna in their life!" 


A sign for change: 24 week Nutritional Coaching Programme



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