14 Day Cleanse FAQs

date 08/09/2022

Will I lose weight on this programme?

Whilst this isn’t a weight loss programme, findings from our pilot study show that 96% of our delegates lost weight and inches. If weight loss is not your goal, then please be mindful of portion sizes and eating enough protein. There is no restriction to quantities of food on this programme.

I’m vegan can I do this programme?

Yes, all products included in the programme are suitable for vegans.

Can I eat meat on this programme?

Yes, if you look at the food list, meat is not excluded, we have limited this to chicken, lamb and venison, other great sources of protein include poultry and fish as well as legumes and nuts. Please ensure that meat consumed is the best quality. Organic is preferred where possible.

Do I need to buy a juicer?

No, a juicer is not essential. If you have a juicer great, if not you can visit a juice bar or use soups during your liquid only days. A low-cost alternative is to purchase an organic food grade cheesecloth to strain smoothie mixes from the blender.

Are adverse side effects normal?

We don’t expect you to experience any adverse side effects on this programme; previous delegates have experienced headaches as part of caffeine withdrawal. Our advice is to use the clean out week to reduce and then stop caffeine. Constipation was also experienced by a few delegates. We found that increasing water was beneficial.

Where do I buy accessory products?

Many of the ingredients in the food list can be purchased in supermarkets. We have also included a shopping list to suggest where you can find some of the more tricky to find or best quality ingredients. See the shopping list in your detox pack.

How do I handle a night out during the Nutri Clean Programme?

The food list is vast enough to still be able to pick or adapt a menu. The liquid only days are more challenging, but if out in the day; you can usually find a juice bar in most towns. Being prepared is key.

Do I need to take 2 weeks off work?

Absolutely not, this programme is designed to be part of your regular structure. The NutriClean Programme contains an optimum amount of key nutrients for energy production, however we do recommend it’s best not to plan in too many additional activities. You may want to use these 2 weeks to review your current lifestyle choices and their impact on your health.

Do I need any special equipment to complete the detox?

No equipment is essential, a hand blender to make soups and smoothies is ideal and a juicer to make your own vegetable juice would be handy but not essential.

What is consumed on the liquid only days?

On the 3 liquid only days we are focusing on fruit and vegetable soups/juices only to take energy away from digestion. Coconut water can also be added to juices, but nut milks, nuts and seeds should be avoided. There is no limit to the number of juices/soups you can have during these days. Three servings of UltraClear Plus pH will also be consumed providing sufficient protein.

What do I do if I’m constipated?

Constipation may occur if not enough fluids are being taken on board, so reflect on your hydrating fluids. Also consider adding 2 dessert spoons of ground flax seeds to your day.

Why are certain foods on the list whilst others aren’t, for example, why is lamb on the food list and eggs are not?

The food list is designed not just with foods to support the liver, but also with low allergenic/intolerant foods. So in the case of lamb & eggs, eggs are not included in the programme as they can be a common allergenic food whilst lamb is a very low allergy potential food.

Do we take supplements with food?

We recommend you take supplements with food due to the therapeutic dose, to avoid irritation to the gut.

What is the shopping list for?

This is just a guide to support you. None of these are compulsory but you may find them beneficial when meal planning.

Do I have to follow the menu planner?

No, this is just a guide to support you. You can change the meals around to suit your needs and taste as long as you are keeping to the foods on the food list. Alternatively, you can create your own using the foods available on the food list.

Can I continue with my existing supplements during the Nutri Clean Programme?

The programme is designed to support liver function, bowel elimination, blood sugar balance and is packed full of antioxidants, however if you have any existing supplements you want to continue, this will not be a problem.

What if I’m already taking medication?

It is fine to embark on most medications, and we do not encourage you to stop essential medication. Individuals that are registered with a healthcare practitioner should always contact their practitioner first.

How do I measure out the UltraClear Plus pH?

As UltraClear Plus pH is a powder, it can compress. We therefore recommend you shake the pot prior to each use and take up a loose scoop of the powder. Do not press the powder down into the scoop or level it off to fit more in. Alternatively, you can weigh each serving (46 grams) out separately.

If caffeine is not allowed, why is green tea included?

We have decided to exclude beverages which are high in caffeine including coffee and black tea as these normally contain the highest amounts. These 2 weeks are also all about cleaning up the diet and bringing it back to clean, wholesome eating/drinking. Green tea has a lot of health benefits associated with it which outweigh the caffeine.

What are nightshade family vegetables?

Nightshade vegetables include white potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, and peppers. Some spices also fall under this category including paprika, red pepper flakes, chilli powder and cayenne pepper. However, we have included these spices on the food list as for the majority of people they do not pose a problem but for individuals with inflammatory diseases we would recommend cutting them out. This should be discussed with your practitioner.

Is this a fast?

No, this programme is not a fast or calorie restricted. All foods included on the food list can be eaten with no restriction to the quantity. This also applies to the liquid only days, as much soup/juices can be consumed alongside three servings of the UltraClear Plus pH. You should not be hungry on this programme.

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