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Supplements play a key role in Nutritional Therapy but can receive a bad reputation as it’s believed that we don’t need them if we eat well. This would be the case if our soil was not so badly depleted as it is now.

For decades farmers have been, and still are chasing high yields by any means possible: maximum ploughing, plenty of fertilisers, chemicals, and other additions. But over time, this has taken its toll on the soil. The soil that these amazing humans work so hard to grow our veggies in is struggling. What this means is that crops grown in the soil are nowhere near as nutrient dense as they were decades ago, therefore the food we eat isn’t either.

I prefer to take a food first approach with clients however, I do use supplements therapeutically which means that I can front load a dosage to achieve a specific outcome alongside the required diet and lifestyle changes too. As a Nutritional Therapist I can suggest reputable brands and I’m not tied to any one brand either which means you can be confident you are taking the best quality possible.

Many high street supplements are bound with poor quality ingredients used to bulk and fill products. They can also lack the required co-factors needed for the body absorb and assimilate the nutrients for the job in which you are taking them to do.

My insurance and training means that I can cross check any medications for contraindications giving you the peace of mind you need on your wellness journey.

Please reach out if you do have any questions regarding supplements that you are taking or wish to take. I offer a 40 minute complimentary chat where we can discuss your requirements in more detail.



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