About Genna - Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

I know how tired you feel. I've walked in your shoes. 

You’ve always been a go-go type of woman, striving and moving towards your goals with relative ease and competence but lately you just can’t seem to push through the fog. 

Like a shark you’ve got to keep moving, always moving for fear you might drown. 

The constant tiredness and lack of energy is holding you back from achieving your goals, affecting the drive you used to have.

You can’t function in the morning without caffein and all too often, wind down in the evening with a glass or few of wine.

Routine tasks that in the past seemed easy now leave you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.

You can’t focus and your brain feels like it’s full of cotton wool.

It’s fair to say you’ve had enough!

You no longer feel like the sharp, empowered, capable woman you used to, and you desperately want your mojo back.

I totally understand! I’ve been there and know exactly how you feel. Somewhat of a perfectionist myself I pushed and pushed until my body pushed back, showing me that I was living my life out of balance. I didn’t want to admit it because I believed I should be able to keep going. I viewed it as a failure within myself. A weakness.


A champion in your corner 

I've helped many women just like you to recognise that the constant headaches, brain fog, bloating, weight gain and memory problems are not normal. To struggle through each day feeling exhausted, irritable, and overwhelmed is not normal.  I help women to recognise where they are living out of balance with themselves. Together we build a bespoke recovery plan, entirely unique to you with you at the heart of it so that you can rediscover that edge, resilience and energy again.

Women often tell me that they find it confusing to navigate the ever-changing wellness world and tend to end up spiralling into bad habits.

They want a champion in their corner, celebrating their wins, big and small and to be part of a collaborative relationship that encourages and promotes daily habits over fad diets and calorie counting.

Women often say that after investing in their wellness that they have never felt and looked better. Their skin and hair are luminous and cooperative. They feel an amplified level of mental clarity, and that they are sleeping like a baby.


Next steps 

After a complimentary lifestyle audit you will understand the areas of wellness that need your attention and be clear on how to begin to move forward.
Click on the link below to take the first step towards investing in your Well-th. 



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