The choices you make each day either creates health or creates illness in your body. Embarking on a journey of dietary and lifestyle changes requires taking in new information and breaking habits which are often deeply rooted.

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets to optimal wellness.

A structured holistic approach delivers the best results with key elements being addressed and implemented with support empowering you to continue to build health into the future.

Transformation can happen when you take responsibility and bring your commitment and willingness to explore.

I’d be delighted to support you on your journey towards optimal wellness.

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Our Packages

New Beginnings Package


Starting anything new can be daunting especially if you feel as though you've tried every option. The New Beginnings package is for anyone ready for a clean slate or fresh start on their wellness journey. 

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Optimal Wellness Package


Optimal Wellness is a byproduct of living in tune with your body and your internal and external environment and the various elements that are inter-connected. When these elements are aligned and in balance good health is the default state of being and peace of mind is achieved.

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Corporate Wellness


With over 20 years experience working in the private and third sectors I understand how challenging it can be to balance a job and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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