date 01-06-2018

Sarah came to see me in February 2018 following a diagnosis in 2013 of Crohn's disease. For 5 years Sarah lived with the symptoms of heavy daily bleeding, lethargy, inflamed skin on her face, and neck, blister type rash in her eyes and painful joints. In addition, Sarah was also coughing up mucus all day long as well as feeling wheezy. Her main goal was to find out how dietary and lifestyle changes could help her experience more energy and to see if this would help to reduce the daily bleeding.

We started off the 12-week programme by running through her health history from childhood through to the present day. Sarah also completed a 5-day diet diary so that I could see exactly what she was eating daily.
We talked through all the changes that Sarah could implement with her meals which would guide her towards her goal of controlling the bleeding and increasing her energy levels.

Taking the recommendations on board Sarah implemented some impressive dietary changes over a 12-week period as well as introducing some key supplements into her regime which has resulted in her most recent colonoscopy showing that her bowel has healed to almost normal.

The outcome is that the bleeding has reduced to almost zero, Sarah’s energy is where it should be so much so she’s getting out with friends walking and taking on tasks at home she previously didn’t have the energy for. 


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