date 18-07-2018

Sam came to see me in the summer of 2017. Following a recent diabetes diagnosis Sam wanted to understand which foods to eat to better control the diabetes and increase his energy levels.

We started off with a 12-week programme by running through his health history from childhood through to the present day. Sam also completed a 5-day diet diary so that I could see exactly what he was eating daily.

We talked through all the tweaks that Sam could implement with his meals which would guide him towards his goal of controlling the diabetes and increasing his energy.

Taking the recommendations on board Sam implemented some impressive dietary changes over a 12-week period which resulted in his blood glucose levels returning closer to normal and a reduction in his cholesterol levels.

The outcome was that Sam no longer had to nap during the day because of low energy but instead felt an increase in energy so much so that he was inspired to increase his exercise regime. His results impressed his consultant and he was asked to speak at a diabetes group about the changes he’d made to his diet and how he had managed to control the diabetes entirely by diet.

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