Look where you're going

date 24/07/2023

I remember years ago when I was learning to snowboard that I needed to traverse across a wide run to get over to where I needed to be. The end part of  this manoeuvre also involved cutting through a narrow gap in a fence.

Being newly acquainted with the upright position and concerned about not overshooting the gap in the fence, I overshot the gap in the fence.

My partner was howling. He couldn’t understand how I’d managed to miss the gap.

Another time, on a long flat straight I could not get the board to stop spinning under my feet. No matter how much I made sure my body was correctly positioned, the back end of the board kept spinning forward pulling me into a heel edged stop. Not ideal on a flat surface.

This frustrated the hell out of me. I couldn’t work it out. Countless times I’d have to take the board off and walk back whilst others zoomed past me with minimal effort.

A chance comment changed the game

“Just focus on where you’re going!”

Well, that was a defining moment.

Lo and behold the board levelled out, I relaxed, and I was sliding along in a straight line to the finish line.

What changed?

I realised in an instant my line of sight was placed down towards the ground just inches in front of the nose of the board.

I was so terrified of falling off the board that I’d inadvertently dropped my head and wasn’t looking where I was going. This was throwing off everything!

I was focused on the problem and had lost trust in the knowing that the board would respond to my certainty.

Same was true of the gap in the fence. I was focusing on not missing the gap and not the goal of being through the other side.

I got what I was focused on

Apparently motor cyclists know this. As they approach a bend at speed they look out of the bend. If they were to look at the bend in the road, they’d surely hit it.

I tell you this because I see clients often focussed on the problem.

Problem - lacking energy, not feeling great in their clothes, feeling sluggish and foggy, wishing off the weight they're carrying but can’t shift.

Problem. Problem. Problem.

Solution - where are you going?

Do you want more energy to do the things you love? Feel wonderful in your newly purchased wardrobe? Clear of mind and tapped into your creativity?


If you’re focused on the problem, you’ll just get more of the same


Instead, focus on the solution i.e. where you want to end up and watch all the pieces of the puzzle respond to your intention.

If you need to bounce the "but where am I going?" question off of someone, book in for a complimentary chat and we can figure this out together.

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