Podcast: The Business of Wellness and Nutrition

date 07/07/2023

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Rebecca at Tricres for her Entrepreneurial Journey podcast.
We talked about how I got into Nutritional Therapy, who it can help and the kinds of results clients can expect.

Some of the key take aways:

  • The power of combining deep knowledge and research with coaching. 
  • How taking a holistic approach can set clients up for success.
  • Small lifestyle changes done consistently make the biggest difference.
  • The effect alcohol has on fat loss.
  • Finding what’s right for you; high performers don’t like being told what to do.
  • Health is a continuum; meeting clients wherever they are at.
  • Working from the inside out; Intrinsic motivation v’s Extrinsic motivation.
  • And a final word from Obe-Wan Kanobi 




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