Situational Burnout

date 22/05/2023

You see, feeling wiped out can happen after intense periods of adrenaline without adequate recovery. But we can feel adrenalised when we’re doing something we actually love doing not just from the things we don’t. Hobbies like running, family gatherings, playing with the kids, work and more. 

For me situational burnout is like a mini crash, takes about a day to recover from and then I’m back in the game again.

I know this about myself because being an introvert who can chameleon into an extravert really well to give a presentation or run a group programme, it can really take it out of me. 

My energy is generated internally and can be used outwardly on these things but once it’s gone it gone and I need to re-charge. That looks like making sure the next day is lighter on client calls so I can slow down for a day or go for a walk or take the morning off.

I’ve built this recovery into the way I run my business now because I’ve learned the hard way to keep pushing through the fatigue comes at a tremendous cost to my health. I’d be a total hypocrite to turn up to a client check in preaching about self-care and all the while not presenting my best self.

Not stopping and listening to what your body is saying it needs leads to burn out. It’s a simple as that.

If you ignore it, it will bite you on the backside sooner or later.


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