The Power of a Plan

date 03/04/2023

Our cat Ollie had some behaviour issues that had cropped up in the last few years since the Pandemic. It got so bad that we reached out to a professional (massive shout out to Kim at Cat-astrophes) for help. After a couple of weeks following Kim's plan, we were seeing positive changes in Ollie’s behaviour. 

It got me thinking.

There are two fundamental truths when it comes to behaviour change.

1.    we don’t know how (to change)
2.    we don’t want (to change)

Ollie’s plan told us exactly what to do and when to do it because our cat expert knew from experience what works and what doesn’t work. The onus was on us to follow it to the letter otherwise it wouldn't work.

So, we now knew HOW and we knew WHY

Both factors pulled us towards the desired outcome which was being able to sleep all night uninterrupted by cat antics.

Imagine if we didn’t know how to change. 

Hours and hours trying to work it out ourselves which hasn’t worked so far.

Or imagine if we didn’t want to do the work.

Nothing would change!!! We would have wasted our time and money.

I belive that It’s okay if we don’t want to change, if we don’t want to put the effort in to reach our goals.

At least be honest with ourselves. 

How many times (honestly) have you purchased an online programme or some form of self-study with great intentions only to fall off the enthusiasm wagon a week in?

Sometimes, always, the online plan is generic and doesn’t account for your individual life and responsibilities. And if I can hedge a bet, you probably don’t want the goal enough to do the foot work.

I believe, when it comes to change, we need a PLAN and a COACH

The plan will tell you WHAT to do and is created in such a way as it's entirely unique to you ie you absolutely detest broccoli. The plan will not include broccoli. 

Me, your coach will show you HOW to do it. I will support, educate and guide you towards the outcomes you want to achieve based on what I've learned from my education, my own experience and that of my past clients. 

You do the work, but you have me by your side championing you, celebrating your wins and helping you back on the waggon after the wheels have come off...because they will and that's ok. 

Generic, cookie cutter stuff will only get you so far. A coach will take you further than you dreamed possible. 

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